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Yoga for Balance Video

Balance Through Brahmacharya

This came up in my meditation this week: Center yourself and come into balance. Examine life and develop feminine, giving, caring and benevolent characteristics in a sensible, stable, grounded way. 

Likewise, yoga is all about balance. Whether it’s teetering on one leg in King Dancer pose or exploring the connection of the body and mind in relaxation after sweating out your stress. 

These are all ways of finding balance aka Brahmacharya. “Brahma” translates as God and “charya” is to walk. This is the yogic principle of self restraint or moderation and middle ground. Likewise Hatha (the most widely practiced form of yoga in the US) breaks down to "ha" means sun and "tha" is moon. It's the balance of the masculine and feminine, the upper and lower consciousness, the ying and the yang.

In asana practice, we engage the front of the muscle to release the back side of it. We find the middle road between effort and ease in each pose, while staying present in our mindfulness to adapt them to suit our needs. 

Ultimately, we learn to avoid extremes by tuning in to our intuition and letting that be our guide.

Thanks for joining me. I'd love to hear your experience of this practice. Please comment below.



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