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As a former social worker with a corporate background, Jackie is passionate about writing, sharing yoga/healing modalities to support people on their healing paths. She currently works as a writer, yoga therapist and Peer Parent Facilitator with the Other Parents Like Me network supporting those with kids who are struggling with mental health issues. https://oplm.com/

Jackie has worked with thousands of people in her 21 years as a certified yoga teacher (ERYT-790, YACEP, IAYT) and as a yoga therapist since 2013. She shares the stress reduction and life style management techniques that have helped her heal from her own challenges in hopes that others can find their own internal strength. She teaches ongoing classes, facilitates groups, workshops and retreats.

Her debut as an author is Urge Overkill: A Story of Breaking Free, offering self help on overcoming domestic violence. Her second book is Stress Nation: An East Meets West Approach to Healing Trauma that integrates information on how Western Psychology/ Allopathic Medicine comes together with Eastern Healing Modalities for the layperson. This offering is a toolbox from which they can draw on expert research in both fields to help them move forward in their healing journey. 

Offering Yoga & Writing Services


Yoga therapy & meditation for individuals and groups in person and on zoom in a variety of settings including corporate spaces, schools, local community centers, shelters across the U.S.

Writer/ author offering 11 years experience as a freelance writer for newsletters, newspapers/magazines, psychology papers, white papers, copy editing, features and articles. During this span, she covered a wide range of topics including but not limited to local news/events, trauma, domestic violence, healing, self-help, travel and yoga therapy.

What to expect in my yoga classes: I teach in a mindful, breath-centered flow style with therapeutics and a focus on accommodating injuries and adapting the poses to suit individuals. I like to use humor and meet people where they are. Together, we explore a variety of tools to suit their needs drawing from the Eight Limbs of Yoga Philosophy. Besides postures and breath work, practice might include mantra, mudra or meditation. My specialties include: therapeutics,  vinyasa, trauma-informed yoga, meditation and mindfulness. I am a Reiki Master in the tradition of Dr. Mikao Usui.

Teaching, Writing & Corporate Services

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Yoga Privates, Group Sessions or Retreats
Freelance writing, editing, copy writing and white papers

Hire Me: 3 Packages

Family Yoga/ Corporate Package: Relax and bond with loved ones/ your group with yoga. The family/group that does yoga together...

Trauma Informed/ Therapeutic Yoga: Invitational, accessible yoga with lots of options and adapted to meet needs of the individual, the opposite of one size fits all...

Yoga for Anxiety: An accessible practice that engages with the physiological effects of stress in the nervous system, works through it and ends with down regulation for calm.

Package cost$125 for an hour and a 15 minutes. 

Jackie is the best yoga instructor I have ever worked with, she is an expert in her field. She focuses on a deep yoga experience that emphasizes both the inner and outer journey. She incorporates different types of yoga into her classes (vinyasa/yin/therapeutic) so I'm always learning something new about the practice, my body and myself.   Jackie  is knowledgeable and practiced in many healing modalities. 
A private yoga session may include chakra healing, breathing techniques, therapeutic yoga, meditations, mantras, or sound bowls. I always leave feeling a sense of self-acceptance, self-knowledge, and  new possibility.   Recommending Jackie to a friend makes me feel like I am giving that friend a special gift — the gift of working with a healer whose teachings and presence are transformational. 

Marcelle Soveiro- Student

“Jackie was my first yoga teacher.  When I attended my first class with her close to thirteen years ago, it was in a difficult place in my life. Having recently lost my Mother to cancer and trying to cope with every day life, I was trying to find some sort of peace and stability. Jackie helped me find that.  I enjoyed her classes so much that I've continued to practice yoga over the last 12+ years.  Her classes were relaxing and challenging at the same time and she always incorporated different aspects of yoga into each class.  I was saddened when Jackie and her family moved to CT but I also knew that she would be successful wherever she was and would inspire more people like she inspired me to live and love yoga!” 

Laura Barlow - Student

"Jackie brings care and love to her teaching. Her classes have wonderful variety and are always fun. She provides just the right amount of physical challenge, and always has creative options for deepening or modifying poses to be appropriate for a wide range of students. But it is her authentic presence, open heart, and desire to share what she has learned, that make Jackie such a special teacher.” 

Ann Jones - Ten year student

"I practiced yoga with Jackie for more than ten years. Her style is so fluid and harmonious that you "feel" the poses she presents without even having to "think" about them. Her gentle touch and voice enable you to completely lose all track of the outside world while you are practicing. I thoroughly enjoyed every single one of her classes!”  

Pat Harman- Student


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