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Trauma Informed Yoga Practice Video

Why Trauma Informed Yoga? Research shows that more than half of Americans will go through a traumatic event at least once in their lives.

"Trauma is extremely common,” says Kristen R. Choi, PhD, a registered nurse and researcher at UCLA who studies trauma.

Trauma-informed yoga assumes that everyone has experienced some level of trauma or significant life stress so the approach rests on a set of principles that supports a sense of safety, support, and inclusivity for all.

You don't need to be a soldier or have PTSD to enjoy this yoga style. I love it because everything is a choice and it is all about reconnecting with your body while moving through poses thereby working trauma/ stress through and then out of your nervous system.

Come enjoy an invitational practice that incorporates mindfulness, down regulating, up regulating pranayama and culminates in progressive muscle relaxation and a HUGE exhale by clicking here:

Namaste and lots of love, Jackie

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